Looking for a place for week or 2 (Tucson central)

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Hey there! I am a 36 year old woman who is looking for a place to go for a week or two. I just found out my dad left his bank account in my name when he died four months ago. It’s been so hard losing dad. I have to be in Ohio asap in order to meet the 6 month deadline. I am staying with a friend now, in his guest room. He a horder and really messy. It’s just not a healthy environment. I recently got out of rehab. I was already trying for months and months to get off of alcohol and was mostly successful. However rehabilitation helped me a lot and I am now 50 days sober! MY CURRENT roommate is an alcoholic which is also not healthy for me ! I just need a refuge for a week or two!

A little bit about me is that I am a traveler, musician, poet, dancer, artist and writer. I also enjoy meditation and sound healing though I don’t have much of my gear left. I have my own storage unit near prince and first. I am planning on getting a trailer or camper in Ohio while I am there to pick up the money my dad left me. What I am hoping to find is a place to stay while I get my ducks in a row to go to Ohio. I won’t completely move out of where I am, either. I just need an escape for a week r two at the most! I won’t need it for a couple more days because I’ll be at a festival until Tuesday morning. Somewhere clean, drug free, tranquil with some privacy to meditate and be at peace. I can owe you and pay you when I get back from my trip. You would have my word.
Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. I’ve been attending meetings and am still sober !! I just need a little help to get out of the muck. Thank you
Also I am great with organization and can do some interior decor and light housekeeping. I don’t mind offering those services !!!

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