I guarantee you can pass the A6 Electrical ASE test (Tucson)

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license info: ASE Master Automobile Technician

Did you know, electricity does not feel the effects of resistance unless current is flowing throw the circuit? That means that if the switch is separated from the battery by the load, the power side of the switch will have full voltage anytime the switch is open (device off).

The ASE test writers love this question because it is not at all intuitive, it is also one of the most commonly missed questions because the important detail is hidden in a wiring diagram.

I'm an ASE Master Certified mechanic, but before that I was (and still am) a nerd. So I did nerdy things like read about electricity for fun and take AP Physics classes in high school for college credit. I understand fully and truly how electricity works down to the jumping of electrons and the physics of electric motors. I even the built the charger for my electric motorcycle, because the factory one was too expensive and too slow.

What I am offering you is just enough of that knowledge to ace the A6 ASE Test. I'm so confident you'll ace the test, that if you still fail, I'll give you your money back. Just show me your test result so I'll know how to improve the class for next time. There are online courses and study guides and they do help some people, but I personally have always benefited from a teacher, from real time feedback, and from being able to ask questions and have something explained from a different approach. That is what I'm offering.

I will also teach you general test taking strategies that I learned from SAT and ACT test prep courses. These are just useful for ASE but for any type of certification.

$20 - If you just have specific question you want addressed in person. Time: 1 1/2 hr max

$40 - The full class. I answer your specific questions as well as teach a primer on how electricity works, how to accurately and successfully test it, and how ASE will try to trick you with their questions. This also includes a practice test so we can address specific difficulties or misunderstandings. Time: as long as it takes

Contact me to schedule a one on one class, and get this test taken care of once and for all. Please use the CL email address provided.
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