Boutique and Vintage Guitar Pedals - $20 (speedway & Stone)

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condition: like new
make / manufacturer: Lovepedal,cry baby, fulltone
model name / number: wah
I have sought-after boutique/vintage pedals at great prices. 98% of all these pedals look like they are brand new and barely touched. 85% Mint, 10% Excellent and only 5% very good. I will mark the few that are in good condition only.

Limited Availability:
While I'm committed to supporting our local community, I have lowered the prices, so I do not have to haggle or spend time demoing. Please respect this. Cash only. Pickup M-F 9-3pm. By Appointment only. No tire kickers. Serious inquiries only

I can ship most of these in the US for $15 ea. Int $65. A few units are super heavy and will be more like $35 Int$120. (Supercharger GTO/Weber Z matcher) I can bundle too. For products to be shipped I will use Paypal only. Otherwise cash at door.


Analog Man Mini Bad Bob Boost 125
Area 51 All Options Wah Original Blue 200
Barber Electronics Gain Changer 130
BBE Boosta Grande 60
Blackstar HT Delay 160
Blackstone Appliances mosfet Overdrive (Rare) 200
Boss Super Chorus CH-1 100
Boss FS-5L 20
Boss AB-2 30
2 x Boss FS-5U 20ea
Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner (Good Cond) 40
Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator 60
Budda Amplification Bud Wah Pedal Purple 240
Budda Amplification Bud Wah V2 Pedal Chrome 175
Carl Martin 2Wah 180
Catilin Bread Belle Epoch Tape Echo Grey 140
Catilin Bread Super Chili Picaso White 80
Charlie Stringers Snarling Dogs Addicted to Wah 280
Chase Tone Secret Preamp 125
Crazy Tube Circuits Falcon 200
Creation Audio Labs MK.4.23 Clean Boost 125
Cry Baby 535 Rev2 120
Cry Baby Buddy Guy 140
Cry Baby Clyde McCoy by Cry Baby Wah CM95 120
Cry Baby Slash Wah 140
Cry Baby Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Wah JH-IFW 180
Cry Baby Joe Bonnamassa 160
Cry Baby Mini Wah 90
Custom Guitar Gear Jekeko Fixed Wah Green Sparkle 140
Danelectro Free Speech Talk Box 100
Danelectro Cool Cat 40
Danelectro Daddy-o 40
Danelectro Dan-De-Matic 40
Danelectro Dan-Echo 60
Danelectro Fabtone 40
Digitech Synth Wah Envelope Filter 100
DOD FX53 Classic Tube 100
Dunlop DVP1 Volume Pedal 40
Duram Electronics Sex Drive Compression (good Cond) 150
Electro Harmonix Linear Power Booster 120
George Dennis Mono Volume Pedal 60
Fender Blender 240
Fishman Model G Preamp 60
Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah Wah Pedal Signed #112 240
Hermida Audio Dover Drive 200
Hermida Audio Reverb 3 240
Hermida Audio Unimos (Rare) 200
HIWATT Custom Wah 140
Jam Pedals RattleR + 503 260
Janglebox JB1 Compression Sustainer (Black) 160
Janglebox JB2 Compression Sustainer 160
2x Jim Dunlop USA Uni-Vibe UV1 240ea
Keely Engineering 30MS Double Tracker 150
Klon Centaur KTR Distortion Pedal 2010 1200
Lovepedal AMP Eleven 130
Lovepedal Echophonic 130
Lovepedal Ephonic Jr 120
Lovepedal Englishman 280
Lovepedal Eternity Glass Overdrive 160
Lovepedal JTM Standby 160
Lovepedal Kalamazoo 140
2 x Lovepedal Stir Of Echoes 60ea
Lovepedal Tchula Boost 2010's Red moon 140
Lovepedal Tchula Boost Black Mamba 140
Lovepedal Tchula Vibronaut 160
Maestro MPS-2 Mini Phase (good condition) 320
Mad Professor Snow White Autowah 120
Marshall Blues Breaker 175
Mesa Engineering Tone Burst 140
Mesa Engineering Pre V Twin Amp 375
Moolon Buffer Drive AC Overdrive 180
Moolon Extended Headroom Overdrive 160
Moolon Vintage Wah True Bypass 300
Morley Combiner 40
Morley Pro Series II Dual Bass Wah PBA-2 80
Morley The George Lynch Tripler by Morley 100
Morley RFS-1 Single Button Footswitch 20
MXR Micro Amp M-133 260
Nash Guitars NGDP Limited Edition Distortion Pedal 375
Peterson Stomp Classic Tuner 160
Peterson Strobo Stomp Tuner 80
Peterson Strobo Stomp 2 Tuner 80
Providence Final Booster FBT-1 120
Providence Flame Drive wuith Vitalizer FDR-1F 175
Radial Tonebone Headebone VT 300
Real Mccoy Custom RMC8 Guitar Eqwahlyzer 200
Rockbox Boiling Point (Tie Dye Swirl) 280
Rocktron Texas Recoiler 50
Snark SM-10S Stage and Studio Tuner 40
Solodano Supercharger GTO Purple #523 hand built 1500
Sonicake Volwah 40
Strymon Brigadier 260
Strymon Lex Rotory 280
Swart Amplifier Co Fuzzy Boost 180
TC Electronic Polytune 60
Truetone 1 Spot MA meter 50
TWA LD-02 Little Dripper 275
Visual Sound - Route 66 American Overdrive Compressor 50
Visual Sound - Visual Volume 10th Anniversary VV10 80
Voodoo Lab Amp Selector 160
Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive 120
Vox Wah Wah V947 200
2x Vox Joe Satriani Big Bad Wah Dual Wah Pedal 125
Walrus Audio Deeps Six 100
Walrus Audio Voyager 140
Wampler Pedals - Ecstasy Overdrive 140
Wampler Pedals - Ego Compressor 110
Wampler Pedals - Faux Tape Echo 100
Wampler Pedals - Plexi Drive British Overdrive 180
Weber Z-matcher Impedance Matcher 100W 150
Zinky True Grit 180
Zvex Effects vexter Super Hard On 160

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