Custom pedal builds - $50 (Sahuarita)

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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Boss, Ibanez, Maxon
***DISCLAIMER*** Please read entire post before sending me a message. I’ll gladly answer questions regarding the items for sale but, I’m not dealing with people who are too lazy or dumb to read.

I’m unloading a bunch of my Boss, Ibanez, and Maxon custom pedal builds. Each one was built by me using quality components, and is a faithful recreation of the original circuit. Some of them have even been improved upon. I’m selling each pedal for $50 a piece which is well below what they’re worth. With that said… no trades, haggling, bundle deals, or anything of the like. You buy one for $50 or go kick rocks. You’re getting my labor for free and I’m losing money on damn near every one of these.

Next thing… If you send me message asking something like, “Is this still available?” I’m ignoring you. If this ad is still listed, then shit’s still available.

I also don’t deliver. I’m willing to meet at a halfway point but, I’ll be damned if I’m going to drive to you, so you can buy my shit, like I’m some sort of delivery courier. If you want it, come and get it. No exceptions.

Saguaro Wah. *SOLD*

Phoenix Lights Phaser. This is a faithful recreation of the Boss PH-1 phaser with an added mod to offset the volume drop of the original circuit.

Shadow Man analog delay. *SOLD*

High Noon analog delay. *SOLD*

Exhomachine delay. A clone of the Ibanez EM-5 delay from their sound tank series. Has all of the same circuitry, delay chip, and mojo of the original but, is true bypass and more robust.

BTF Chorus. *SOLD*

Ecstasy of Gold tremolo. 100% recreation of the first Boss TR-2 tremolo that was ever released. A volume trim pot was added to offset volume loss that the original circuit had.

Baron of Arizona flanger. This is a Boss BF-2 flanger clone, with the long discontinued, NTE1641 delay chip. Sounds exactly like the original BF-2 but with less noise and hiss that the original has.

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