SALE!! Photos/Video/Private/Boudoir/Fantasy taken at your location. (Tucson)

SALE!! Photos/Video/Private/Boudoir/Fantasy taken at your location. 1 thumbnailSALE!! Photos/Video/Private/Boudoir/Fantasy taken at your location. 2 thumbnailSALE!! Photos/Video/Private/Boudoir/Fantasy taken at your location. 3 thumbnail
This will be the month for giving special gifts to him/her. EVERYTHING is 50% off.

Pay only $35 for the FIRST HOUR of pictures.

FREE STOCKINGS and FREE TEMPORARY TATTOOS as shown in the example pictures (while supplies last). We have many styles. Add a sexy look that is not permanent.

Have you ever wanted to give your husband or partner a special little gift?

Do you have a remote "FWB" who needs a reminder of what they are missing?

I specialize in video and photography, for the purpose of art, and for aiding in emotional health.

From self-directed shorts to photo spreads, contact me for information. All replies should include a contact number.

I am discreet and professional. I come to you. I will consider any subject matter, but I do not photograph children or minors. Please do not send me any samples with children or minors in the images. I will delete immediately. Before performing any work for you, I will need to verify your age. You must be 19 or over for me to accept you as a client.

The images I record are and will always remain the personal property, of the person or persons being recorded. The images are intended for the personal enjoyment of the owner/owners and for the enrichment or enhancement of their personal intimate lives. I will not share images, with anyone but the original owner or owners. I do not keep copies of any images, after the project is concluded.

I am a contractor and I am not responsible for the content or the nature of the images I record. Nothing recorded is intended to violate any laws or regulations. All recorded images are solely intended to allow one consenting adult to provide entertainment to another consenting adult.

I am an older gentleman, who likes to provide a way to help those who need or want to enrich the life of a partner or close friend. I am told I make my female clients feel very comfortable and I do not intimidate my male clients or couples. I am very respectful and never crude or common. I help you envision your dreams and I give you a product that is hard or impossible to do yourself.

I come to your home so you can have a drink or whatever you need in order to express yourself, in the manner you have envisioned. I guarantee your satisfaction. I add my experience, to your vision, and we achieve something which makes us all proud.


You are in charge of ALL aspects.

NONE of my work is intended for the purpose of selling or for purposes considered lewd or obscene. I like to think I help individuals, like our servicemen and women, who are disconnected from their partners or lovers.

I also help to develop and to bring a spark back into relationships.

For more information, CALL or TXT 520.599.3799 Please provide contact information with txt or emails.

You may also send an email to: tecfacet1@hotmail.com (Allow 2days for email response)


FLASH!! You have just sent the gift that inspires!

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