WANTED: House for rent with workshop space, large yard under 1200 (Tucson)

WANTED: House for rent with workshop space, large yard under 1200 1 thumbnailWANTED: House for rent with workshop space, large yard under 1200 2 thumbnail
A minimum 2 bedroom (or very large 1br, or 1br with dining/living room) house with an attached garage or workspace, a large yard and/or covered carport, patio, sheds, etc. Must be pet friendly for 1 small well behaved housetrained dog and 1 cat. with ROOM FOR A GARDEN and small greenhouse for my small online plant business.

Ideally around $1000 a month, up to $1200-1300 with utilities. There is some wiggle room on this depending on how big/tempting the property is. Mostly what I need is SPACE! If there is included acreage attached, a huge workshop, multiple large bedrooms, a large gardening or greenhouse area, etc I could be tempted to go up to $1500-1600 or so seeing it as a return on investment.

YES, I am open to RENT TO OWN, mobile homes, manufactured, etc- anything especially if it's on acreage! Anything where you will let me build some responsibly kept greenhouses and plant beds. I can also offer free landscaping and plant care! I constantly have offshoots and cuttings of things I can't sell that, over time, I could plant around your property for you and increase the value. I know how to build and fix most things as well.

Hello! My name is Claire, I am the owner of Tucson local small business Prickled Pink Plants, a small online houseplant and succulents shop on Etsy. I'm looking for a larger home I can expand my business to! I was just the recipient of a grant for women owned small businesses in Tucson through Growth Partners of Arizona. You can read more about my story here on my funded loan page: https://www.kiva.org/lend/2784003
I can provide more references, reviews, and my business by request - just email me!

I am a registered LLC business that pays taxes, I employ 1 remote bookkeeper, and I have business insurance that insures my plants and gardening tools, as well as the property I rent on up $50,000. I can provide proof of income and copies of all any documents on request.

I have been at my current tiny casita home 4 years (and can provide a reference from my current landlord) and have run out of room. It's just a 1br 500 sq ft casita with a 20x15' yard. As I've grown and expanded the last 4 years, I have rented a 200 sq ft commercial workspace nearby, and 2 smaller 5x10 storage units to handle storage of my shipping supplies and a space to package everything out of and have an office. All of these spaces have always had rent paid on time or early, and I can provide that proof as well as proof of income. All of these spaces combined are really not a lot of stuff, the spaces I'm in are just very small! So it's time to expand to a real workshop and garden. I need 1 space to work out of that combines all these spaces so I don't have 4 different rents to pay every month, and 4 different locations to run errands between.

1. While I can provide proof of income flow, because my bookkeeper is amazing and writes off most of my expenses including rent, I make very little on paper for gross income right now. My net income is very high though - I can show both.
2. I have always paid rent and bills on time, and have no evictions! No unpaid rent/deposits either.
3. I do however have some unpaid credit cards from medical debts that I am working on consolidating! My credit score is not the best (just under 600) but I have slowly been working on raising it from the low 500s for the last few years.
4. I do not smoke or use any drugs!
5. I do have 2 misdemeanor cannabis possession charges from my 20s that will show up on a background check (the last one being over 6 years ago). These charges are from Pennsylvania (my home state), where it's also now legal. I have NO other criminal history.
6. I am easy to work with, and know how to take care of a home. I can fix most small things and know when to bring bigger things to your attention. I am happy to help out where needed. Read my housesitting reviews here: rover.com/sit/clairew20

Maybe you have the perfect property for me and don't want to deal with the hassle of listing it, screening tenants, etc.?
You can come by my current home and/or workspace and take a look if you want in West Tucson. I am not the typical tenant, so I don't expect you to be the typical landlord, and am happy to show you my current spaces if you'd like a tour of what to expect. Let's talk!

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