Toggenburgs - $150 (Benson)

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Offering 3 doe kids and a buck kid for sale. All are percentage Toggenburgs and 3 of them are high enough that they look purebred. They can all be registered with ADGA and females show as recorded grades. Recorded grade is the category for dairy goats of either mixed breeds, descendants from an unregistered goat that looked like a certain breed but didn't have ADGA paperwork or a female who is recorded as native on appearance because she meets the breed standard of a purebred of that breed. Crossbred bucks can be registered if and only if their parents were ADGA registered. Once they get to 94% of higher of the same breed and 3 consecutive generations have met the breed standard of that main breed then they become American and show with the purebreds instead of recorded grades.

The buck I have for sale is 88% Toggenburg and 12% Alpine. He's friendly. Two of the does are 82% Toggenburg and 18% Nubian and the third doe is actually 82% Nubian, 12% Toggenburg and 6% LaMancha, but is the gray brown color of a Toggenburg and has the right face profile to breed back to meeting Toggenburg breed standards faster than Nubian. This doe is friendly, the other 2 that look purebred weren't handled much as kids so they're not sociable, but since they're young they should tame down with some patience and hand feed treats LOL.

Asking $200 for the buck and $150 each on the doe kids. All 4 of them have either a grandmother or other close ancestors that are permanent champions who also scored high 80's up to 91 on linear appraisal.

One doe kid does have horns. I disbudded the buck and other 2 does.

I've been trying to help increase the number of this rare breed in AZ. I do have 2 purebred Toggenburg bucks that can be mated with these does when they grow up so that they can keep increasing their percentage of Toggenburg. The buck kid I have for sale is distant enough that he could be bred with 2 of these doe kids if you are looking for a trio. Or I should have purebred buck kids available next year that would be for sale to be 2025 mates when these doe kids are grown up and ready for breeding in 2025.

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