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Wed Apr 16

Apr 16 you want a second source LOL map

Apr 16 Liberal Left Have Tourette Syndrome pic map

Apr 16 I'd like a SECOND source for your slander of MLK map

Apr 16 RE"drug abuse and morality map

Apr 16 drug abuse and morality map

Tue Apr 15

Apr 15 re: the jews (3000) map

Apr 15 for anyone who thinks illegal drug use is immoral- a test case map

Apr 15 on the morality of drug use- a response map

Apr 15 Feinstine should have said that in 1940 map

Apr 15 re: can someone who thinks drug use is "immoral" please explain why? T map

Apr 15 re:veterans (tucson) map

Apr 15 Vetrens listen up! map

Apr 15 can someone who thinks drug use is "immoral" please explain why? Thank (s) map

Mon Apr 14

Apr 14 re: benefits of capitalism....are you kidding me? map

Apr 14 Laughing Stock Of The World pic map

Sun Apr 13

Apr 13 Have Fun Checking Out These Navy Stories pic

Apr 13 As Liberals Take A Victory Lap Over Obamacare... map

Apr 13 Benefits of Capitalism map

Fri Apr 11

Apr 11 complicated theory (cat-town)

Apr 11 re: I have a theory about a complicated issue map


Apr 11 Campaign Volunteers for David Garcia (Pima County, training in PHX) pic map

Thu Apr 10

Apr 10 RE"I Have A Theory Too (Methadone Clinic) (cat-towm)

Apr 10 I Have A Theory Too (Methadone Clinic) map

Apr 10 RE: Let's talk about knives, guns..... (Tucson) map

Apr 10 Americans Are Drowning In Lies map

Wed Apr 09

Apr 9 knives, guns, lawyers and money (cat-town)

Apr 9 let's talk about knives, guns, lawyers and money map

Apr 9 murderous rampages, guns, and safety map

Tue Apr 08

Apr 8 here's what a REAL liberal thinks about Obama map

Apr 8 facts map

Mon Apr 07

Apr 7 Facts map

Apr 7 Liberal Senator Speaks The Truth About Obama map

Apr 7 a high progressive tax is GOOD for the country map

Sun Apr 06

Apr 6 RE: fascism noun (Concise Encyclopedia) (cat-town)

Apr 6 Re: Hypocrisy. map

Apr 6 Higher Taxes Mean Less Investment And Fewer Jobs map

Apr 6 fake partisan outrage and right wing fantasyland map

Apr 6 Fascism noun map

Apr 6 Clinton and State Deptartment "Misplace" $6B map

Sat Apr 05

Apr 5 Socialism (AZ) map

Apr 5 today's "conservative" is an extremist, seeking radical transformation

Apr 5 Right wing Orwellianism and supreme schmucks map

Apr 5 Madison pic

Fri Apr 04

Apr 4 Stop Spreading Lies About Taxes, Tea Baggers map

Thu Apr 03

Apr 3 thoreau wasn;t an artist, he was a philosopher map

Apr 3 Re: voting out of fear map

Apr 3 Organized crime (tucson) map

Apr 3 Iraq... map

Apr 3 the problem with voting out of fear map

Wed Apr 02

Apr 2 The Mind of a Democrat. pic map

Apr 2 selective, fake partisan outrage map

Tue Apr 01

Apr 1 It's Obama's fault those kittens need a home! map

Mon Mar 31

Mar 31 FREE KITTENS (Swan/22nd)

Mar 31 Thoreau has plenty to teach us today map

Sat Mar 29

Mar 29 Jefferson was America's greatest READER! map

Mar 29 Thomas Jefferson America's Greatest Citizen map

Mar 29 Jefferson understood freedom of speech (unlike today's right) map

Mar 29 trea·son noun \ˈtrē-zən\ map

Mar 29 trai·tor noun \ˈtrā-tər\ map

Mar 29 I fled California (BH)

Mar 29 the sedition act of 1918. look it up for yourselves you lazy bums map

Mar 29 misconceptions- more evidence for you children map

Mar 29 did you ever notice... map

Fri Mar 28

Mar 28 Did you ever notice how...

Mar 28 RE:operation clear up popular misconceptions (cat-town)

Mar 28 OMG map

Thu Mar 27

Mar 27 GASP! 99 cases were found by your tea bagger friend?!?! OMG!! map

Mar 27 voter fraud- your source is not valid. Try again. (true the vote=far right nonsense) map

Wed Mar 26

Mar 26 you lose focus easily, don't you righty? (misconceptions indeed) map

Mar 26 my job is done- you have been refuted map

Mar 26 We did NOT need to drop the bombs on Japan in 1945 (according to IKE) map

Mar 26 Pop. Misconceptions- invitation to refute accepted :) map

Mar 26 Harry Reid on Liberals in general (AZ) map

Tue Mar 25

Mar 25 operation clear up popular misconceptions map

Mar 25 voter fraud and getting the point map

Mar 25 So I've actually read Saul Alinsky, and here is the truth map

Sun Mar 23

Mar 23 Re: So much smoke...where's the fire map

Mar 23 Saul Alinsky, Obama's Mentor map

Sat Mar 22

Mar 22 So much smoke...where's the fire? map

Mar 22 Woman-convicted-of-voter-fraud-honored-by-Ohio-Democrats map

Mar 22 one man's "desolation" is another's paradise. pic map

Mar 22 You need to hear the anti media truth map

Fri Mar 21

Mar 21 re: re: Charlie (Tucson) map

Mar 21 The United States is Addicted to Oil (Middle East) map

Mar 21 re: "I'm going to stop big oil" (AZ) map

Mar 21 oil companies and bullshit charges of hypocrisy pic map

Thu Mar 20

Mar 20 RE:oil companies want to rip up the most beautiful place on earth (ugliest place)

Mar 20 re: Charlie (AZ) map

Mar 20 You Can Try The Oil Companies (Colorado/Utah) map

Mar 20 re: oil companies WILL BE STOPPED! I promise. pic

Mar 20 Oil Companies (Colorado/Utah) map

Mar 20 info on terminating parental rights. map

Mar 20 re: oil companies want (AZ) map

Mar 20 oil companies want to rip up the most beautiful place on earth (will we let them????) map

Mar 20 The 1980's are calling map

Mar 20 Another Obama Bailout pic map

Wed Mar 19

Mar 19 Please Mr Obama... map

Tue Mar 18

Mar 18 Home Boy (AZ) map

Mar 18 Plan 9 From Outer Left Space (AZ) map

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